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Welcome to ExtraordinaryBBQ.com!

My name is David Somerville and I want to help you create amazing barbecue for your friends and family to enjoy.  I am an expert in all things related to pellet grills and my barbecue recipes get viewed and used over a million times per year.

David Somerville

I spent over 20 years working as a PhD Environmental Chemist, leading a team of world class scientists, before becoming a full time barbecue fanatic.  

In those years I learned the keys to getting amazing results were:

  1. Provide clear, easy to follow instructions.
  2. Be open to new ideas and ways of thinking.
  3. Pay attention to the small details.
  4. Set high, but realistic expectations.
  5. Give credit where credit is due.

It turns out that helping other people make great barbecue is pretty much the same as helping high performance teams succeed!

And as far as giving credit where credit is due, I celebrate the fact that this site was started by Kevin Haberberger as a way to document the award winning recipes his competition bbq team used at Memphis in May along with the everyday cooks enjoyed by the Harberberger family.

I have moved around quite a bit through the years and have been fortunate enough to call the following places home at various times:

  • Monterey, Kentucky
  • Gambier, Ohio
  • Champaign-Urbana, Illinois
  • Hurricane, West Virginia
  • Lake Jackson, Texas
  • Baton Rouge, Louisiana

I am currently hanging out in Baton Rouge and cooking on a Z Grills pellet grill, Weber Traveler gas grill and a few different Weber charcoal grills.  If I am not cooking in my backyard then I am usually hanging out at Costco looking for great deals on amazing products.  I write about my awesome Costco finds at my other website, Shopping With Dave.

If you would like to get in touch about business opportunities, ask about a recipe or just to bust my chops then you can reach me at [email protected].

For all media inquires I can be reached at [email protected].






One thought on “About The Author

  1. I-L-L-….
    Hi David,
    Came across your page while looking for recipes for making Tri-Tip burnt ends.
    Haven’t tried it yet, but looking forward to giving it a whirl.
    Was surprised reading your bio that we’re both U of I alums, although I was about a decade ahead of you.
    I saw your video about pork steaks, that brought back memories from my college days, back in school we often grilled pork steaks and smothered with bbq sauce, something I picked up from my college buddies that were from southern Illinois, Saint Louis area. I noticed on your Weber Q for that cook you had some sort of added grill grate on top of the standard grates, that just gave the linear grill marks and lifted the food up. Is that a Weber accessory, or an aftermarket item, or just something from a different grill that you repurposed for that application? I have the Q2200, and think something like that might be useful.
    Enjoy your recipes and content, keep up the good work.
    – Joe

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