Trying out new smokers, grills, sauces and gadgets is one of the best parts of playing around with barbecue.

Here are some thoughts on some barbecue and grilling products.

Red Box Smoker Review The Red Box is a small, well insulated smoker that is perfect for backyard cooks.

Backwoods Smoker Review Backwoods Smoker Review These are high quality, Made in the USA smokers that regularly bring home the money on the competition bbq circuit.

Weber Traveler Portable Grill 2021 Weber Grill Lineup A look at the fun surprises Weber has in store for their 2021 grills.

Weber Traveler Portable gas grillWeber Traveler Overview: Assembly and First Cooks This is a great grill that just might make me part ways with my Weber Q grills.




ZPG-10002BWhich Z Grills is the Best? There are a lot of different Z Grills models available.  This post sorts them out for you and I share which one is my favorite.




Jealous Devil Charcoal Briquettes BagJealous Devil Charcoal Briquettes Review The product has great branding but, at twice the cost of Kingsford, doesn’t show a lot of difference from Big Blue.




Fire and Flavor Lump Charcoal


Fire and Flavor Lump Charcoal There is a new brand of lump charcoal in town and I had a great time testing it out!




BB Charcoal Briquettes B&B Charcoal Briquette Review B&B charcoal briquettes produce less ash and smoke than Kingsford and worked great for me when I cooked up some country style ribs and chuck eye steaks.  I really like B&B Charcoal. 




Freedom BBQ Sauce A unique, tasty bbq sauce from Uncle Bob’s Spices and Blends.

Sweet Swine O Mine Dry Rub An amazing all purpose rub that has won countless awards.

The Briner A great piece of equipment that helps you brine whole chickens. A really nice idea!

Blues Hog Original BBQ Sauce A sugary sweet tomato based sauce that has won many awards. Sweet enough to use as a finishing glaze.

Maull’s BBQ Sauce A tasty, smooth basic barbecue sauce. There is nothing overpowering about Maull’s and it makes a great base for making your own blend.

Sweet-Baby-Rays-Sweet-Red-Chili-Sauce Sweet Baby Ray’s Sweet Red Chili Sauce Review: A very sweet sauce that is a nice change to try on wings.

Charcoal Comparison Types of Charcoal A review of our favorite brands and why we like them for different applications.

Thermapen Review Thermapens are the Gold Standard in digital thermometers. They are super fast and highly accurate.

Boodles Restaurant Review Boodles BBQ Restaurant Boodles was a great BBQ joint in St Louis while it lasted. the doors are now closed.