Smoked Whole Chicken Guide

How to smoke a whole chicken was one of the very first posts I did on this site.  I love chicken.  My wife loves chicken.  My kids love chicken.  My friends and family love chicken.

Apparently everyone loves chicken, because it is the most searched item, EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

Seriously.  Every single day.  I’m not kidding.  You people love your birds.

So, we have put together The Ultimate Chicken Guide.  This is everything you need to know about smoking a whole chicken and doing it to an extraordinary level.

Brine, Inject, Rub, Butter, Stuff, Smoke…posts, recipes, videos…all here.

Did I just hear clapping?

Oh stop it.  Please.  Really, stop.  You’re too kind.

Tips and Techniques

How To Stuff A Whole Chicken – Video

How To Inject A Whole Chicken with YouTube Video

How To Butter Rub A Whole Chicken – Video

How To Pull A Whole Chicken – YouTube Video


Smoked Whole Chicken

 Beer Can Chicken

 Buttered Whole Chicken

Smoked Whole Chicken Stuffed with Lemon and Herbs

One of the things I love about smoking whole chickens are the leftovers that you can use for easy weeknight meals.  Here is the link that shows you some of our great Leftover BBQ Chicken Recipes!

5 thoughts on “Smoked Whole Chicken Guide

  1. Followed your Directions and Brining is the way to go 6 Hr. Not dry at all so much juice was awesome Cherry wood not too smoky at all made a great Mothers Day thanks Kev.

  2. Last weekend I did this smoked chicken for a small party of 45-50 guests. Including my Dad. I pulled this chicken, placed it in steam pans, and served. I also did ribs and pulled pork shoulder. I got compliments on all of what I served. But the compliments I received on this chicken just blew me away! Even my stubborn and bull headed Dad said, “This is absolutely the best chicken I’ve ever had”. He also said, “I’ve never had anything like this”! My wife heard this and said, “You know what Pop?” “To hear that from your lips carries a whole lot of weight!”
    I will work with tweaking some additional spices as I continue to use this recipe as my base. But man oh man. This is the cat’s meow!

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