Leftover Smoked Turkey Recipes {11 Great Ideas!}

I love smoking turkeys for the holidays but coming up with ideas for all of the leftovers can be tough!  Here is a collection of great Leftover Smoked Turkey Recipes that should help you clean out your refrigerator fast!

Our Favorite Recipes for Leftover Smoked Turkey

Here are the everyday recipes that we enjoy after the holidays.

Smoked Turkey Tetrazzini Smoked Turkey Tetrazzini Take some of your leftovers and throw in some mushrooms and spinach.  Toss everything with some pasta in a delicious sauce and you will have a delicious, filling and inexpensive meal!




Mini Turkey Pot Pies Individual Mini Turkey Pot Pies How cute and adorable are these little pot pies?  These are a fun and festive way of using those leftovers to make something that looks pretty and fancy.  The best part is that they are super easy to make!



Turkey Soup Recipe Smoked Turkey Soup Here is a great way to use pretty much all of the scraps, and even the carcass from your leftover turkey.  This combination of turkey, rice and veggies that are simmered in stock is a hearty way to warm yourself up after the holidays.



Smoked Turkey Pizza Smoked Turkey Pizza We are a divided house when it comes to this pizza.  I think the pizza is an amazing way to use leftovers but some folks think that the smoked meat overwhelms the other flavors.




Recipes for Leftover Smoked Turkey That Look Amazing!

I am using this section as a placeholder for all of the amazing recipes I find on Pinterest that I will try at some point!

Turkey Gumbo

I can’t believe that I live in Louisiana and have never made a gumbo from my leftover Thanksgiving bird!  You can toss in some sliced andouille sausage along with the standard okra and stock create an amazing soup to serve over a bed of rice.

I like that by adding the sausage and other bold gumbo flavors you will be getting a whole new flavor package and wont get bummed out because you are “just eating leftovers”.

Turkey Jambalaya

This dish is in the same boat as gumbo but isn’t as soupy and has different flavor profiles.  That being said, it really is just another combination of rice, turkey, sausage and seasonings.

Serve the jambalaya with a side of white beans and a slice of bread.  Another wonderful Louisiana classic!

White Bean Soup

I love white beans.  Navy beans are fine but what I really crave is a big bowl of soup made from Great White Northern Beans.

This is a standard white bean soup made with stock (so you can use up the turkey carcass if you feel like making your own), carrots, celery, rice and a big pile of leftover turkey.

I think I could eat a gallon of this soup in a single sitting!

Smoked Turkey Shephard’s Pie

This pot pie would be best if you made it with diced turkey breast but that is usually the part of the turkey that everyone eats first at my house.  Using dark meat will be fine but make sure you check it for tendons first, especially if you are getting the meat from the legs.

I really like the idea of the Shephard’s Pie because it let’s you use up all kinds of leftovers like mashed potatoes and green peas.

Turkey Mac and Cheese with Bacon

Come on, Mac and Cheese with Bacon is always incredible.  This is a sneaky dish where you can toss in some leftover turkey and nobody is really going to notice.

Don’t be afraid to try some different pasta shapes other than macaroni elbows.  I think any type of pasta dish that has a creamy sauce is better served by penne or rigatoni shaped pasta as they hold the sauce better.

Skillet Turkey Pot Pie

We like making individual pot pies but as soon as I saw this picture for a big cast iron skillet full of turkey pot pie using biscuits my stomach immediately wanted me to make it!

This is going to be the first recipe I make with my Thanksgiving leftovers this year!

Wow…that is just beautiful!

Creamy Hot Turkey Sandwich

This recipe idea is for a hot turkey sandwich.  While the recipe looks great I think I am going to use this idea to make a hot and creamy turkey dip and set it out with some toasted bread or crackers.

I could snack on something like this all night and I know it would be a hit at an after Thanksgiving get together.  Who knows, I might use some habanero pepper jack cheese to give this dish an extra special kick!