Costco Caesar Salad Kit: Earthbound Farm Organic

The Costco Caesar Salad kits, from Earthbound Farm Organic, is one my “Go To” side dishes when I am in a hurry but still want to serve up a tasty dinner.

My only complaint about this Costco salad is that is has too large for us to finish in an evening and, since it doesn’t store well in the refrigerator, we end up throwing away more than I would like.

Organic Caesar Salad at Costco

Let’s take a look at what you get with this salad kit and see if it is something that you might want to put in your shopping cart!

The Costco Caesar is a Big Salad!

You get a pound and a half of salad with the Costco Caesar. While 1.5 pounds does not sound like a lot of food you have to remember that most of that weight is coming from Romaine lettuce and lettuce leaves do not weigh much.  It takes a LOT of lettuce leaves to make a 1.5 pound salad!

Below is what this salad looks like in my absolute largest salad bowl.  It is just about overflowing!

Generous Portion of Caesar Salad

Customize The Dressing

The package comes with multiple packages of seasoning and dressing that let you build your salad exactly like you want.  You get packages of:

  • Large seasoned croutons
  • Shredded Parmesan cheese
  • Zesty Herbs
  • Two packages of peppered Caesar dressing

I strongly suggest using all of the croutons, herbs and Parmesan cheese and at least one of the dressing packages.  You don’t really need the second serving of dressing and leaving it out would be a great way to cut some unneeded calories out of your dinner.

That being said, I use both packets of dressing and the salad is amazing!

Seaoning Packets for Costco Caesar

The croutons are not generic, ordinary pieces of dried bread.

The croutons are seasoned, and possibly buttered, and are excellent compliments to the rich and creamy dressing.  If you are a fan of croutons then you will be happy with these tasty and crunchy bites!

I hate to look a gift horse in the mouth on this one but one of the few improvements that I would suggest Earthbound Farms make with this salad is to have a slightly larger pack of croutons.  You get enough…but I would love more!

Great Croutons in the Salad


Add a Protein for a Full Dinner

Like I mentioned earlier, when we serve this salad as a side dish we simply cannot finish the whole thing.  I have tried storing leftovers in the refrigerator but the lettuce goes limp and the croutons get soggy.  The salad is nowhere near as good the next day.

What I realized as I was cleaning up our dinner mess was that I need to stop serving this salad as a side dish and start making it the main course.

You could top this Caesar with some grilled shrimp, chicken or even leftover steak and have an easy to prep one dish meal fit for a King!

The Costco Caesar currently (August, 2021) costs about $8 so if you topped it with two pounds of grilled chicken (~$4) then you could easily feed a great dinner to a family of four for about $3 per person.  Not only would that be a bargain but you also wouldn’t end up with a bunch of leftover salad to deal with!

Cost of Costco Salad