Grilled Lobster Tails


“It’s not even a tiny bit fishy.”

That was the review from many of my family members that tried a bite or two (two bites was the max I allowed any one person). And that’s high praise coming from the younger generation who all despise eating anything that once lived in water. My meat-adoring son, Joey, even said, “it’s like meat!”

I received some fresh frozen lobster tails from Lobster Anywhere, packed with care in a cooler with ice packs, and giggled in excitement as I went through it. You see folks, it’s a little known fact that I LOVE lobster. Love.



Being a grilling and BBQ guy, I don’t get it very often, so when I do, I savor every bite. And I grill it.

I feel silly even creating a recipe card for this because it couldn’t have been any more deliciously simple.

350 degrees. 3 minutes. Flip. 8 minutes. Done.

Meat should be white, not translucent, and have an internal temperature of 140F.

Oh, and melted butter. Duh.

Here’s the other reason I’m writing this post: Lobster Anywhere. Holy freshness and quality, Batman. This is top notch. My¬†family was spot on – not¬†even a tiny bit fishy. Honest to goodness it tastes like they were pulled out of the water yesterday. Scrumptious. This company is top notch. Quality product, outstanding service.

So, moral of the story? Try some lobster instead of meat on your grill really soon, and when you do, you’d be silly not to get it from Lobster Anywhere.


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