Quick Smoker Recipes: Meats You Can Smoke in 3 Hours!

Sometimes you don’t have the time to smoke a brisket and you need something that you can get on the table fast.  Just because you are short on time does not mean you have to be short on flavor because there are plenty of meats you can cook on your smoker in three hours or less.

Here are some of my favorite quick smoker recipes for fast weeknight meals!

Meats You Can Smoke in Under Three Hours

Lets get this party started with 11 great recipes!  These meals can be smoked on just about any type of bbq pit including pellet grills, Masterbuilt electric smokers, Weber Smokey Mountains or even a standard Weber kettle.

Smoked Flank Steak

Smoked Flank Sliced and Served

You can throw a flank steak on your smoker running at 225F and get it cooked in about 90 minutes.

The keys to smoking a flank steak are giving it a large coating of dry rub and to slice it THIN across the grain.  Serve the steak with sautéed bell peppers and onions, then add some corn tortillas and salsa and you will be having a feast fit for a king.

Smoked Tri Tip Roasts

Sliced Tri Tip

Smoking a tri tip roast is another fast and easy cut of beef for your smoker.  You should be able to finish a tri tip in under two hours.

The tri tip comes from the sirloin section of the steer which makes it lean but flavorful.  It is important to watch the grain as you slice the finished tri tip as the grain structure shifts midway through the roast.

Smoked Bone In Chicken Breasts

Chicken Breasts Bone In Recipe

Bone in, skin on chicken breasts are extremely affordable and cook up quick in a smoker.  You will want to brine the chicken for at least an hour but don’t worry about time.  Even after taking the brining step into consideration you can still get these off the pit in a couple of hours.

Award Winning Chicken Thighs

Now we are talking about some seriously awesome quick cooked barbecue!

Chicken thighs are one of the standard entries for almost every barbecue competition out there and this is a recipe that has won several of them!

Bacon Wrapped Turkey Tenderloin

Bacon Wrapped Turkey Tenderloin

This recipe has a brining step but most of the turkey tenderloins you find in the store these days are already brined/marinated.  Use the cheapest, thinnest bacon you can find for his recipe as it wraps easier and crisps up better than thick cut bacon.

Smoked Turkey Legs

Turkey legs are easy to smoke, affordable and delicious.  That is always a winning combination!

You can serve these as individual drumsticks or take the meat off the bone and make some turkey sandwiches.  Make sure you remove as many of the little tendons as possible.

  • Time to Smoke: 2 hours
  • Target Internal Temperature: 175F
  • Link to Full Recipe: Smoked Turkey Legs

Smoked Pork Steaks

This is one of my absolute favorite cuts of meat to throw on a smoker!

A pork steak is really just a Boston Butt that has been sliced into more manageable sections.  They are full of flavor, juicy and, as long as you do not overcook them, incredibly tender.

My family prefers pork steaks over beef steaks.

  • Time to Smoke: 1.5 hours
  • Target Internal Temperature: 145F
  • Link to Full Recipe: Smoked Pork Steaks

Smoked Pork Chops

If you can’t get your hands on some pork steaks then pork chops are an acceptable alternative.  Chops are a lot leaner than pork steaks and cook up better if they are at least an inch thick.

  • Time to Smoke: 1.5 hours
  • Target Internal Temperature: 145F
  • Link to Full Recipe: Smoked Pork Chops


Bratwurst are exceptionally great on a smoker and cook fast.  If you are so inclined, after the brats are cooked you can hold them in a simmering onion and pepper beer bath to jack up the flavor even more.

  • Time to Smoke: 1 hour
  • Target Internal Temperature: 165F
  • Link to Full Recipe: Smoked Bratwurst

Smoked Mahi Mahi

Mahi Mahi filets are delicious, healthy and can be smoked in under an hour!  You can serve these as individual filets or flake the meat to make delicious fish tacos.

If you haven’t tried smoking fish yet then now is as good a time as any.

  • Time to Smoke: 30 minutes
  • Target Internal Temperature: 145F
  • Link to Full Recipe: Smoked Mahi Mahi

Smoked Salmon Filets

Smoked Full Salmon Filet

When it comes to smoked fish, salmon is the king.

This is a simple recipe for smoked salmon that uses a teriyaki baste with an all purpose rub and brown sugar.  The total cook time is about an hour and the results are simply amazing.