MBN Invitational Contest

MBN Invitational Competition
Tim, Kevin, Forrest and Brian

This weekend I had the privilege of taking part in the Memphis Barbeque Network (MBN) Invitational Contest, as a part of SLABS a’ Smokin.  This contest is invitation only – and only the best of the best are invited to participate.  We were there because of our 2nd place finish in Ribs in the 2011 Memphis in May World Championship Barbeque Cooking Contest.

MBN Invitational Competition
Tim and I working on our Ribs

What a weekend!  I was able to discuss the finer points of barbeque with quite literally the best barbeque minds in the country.  Teams of the year, Restauranteurs, grill makers, Caterers, and of course just good ol’ BBQ Champions.  In the picture below, I am talking with Bubba – from Bubba Grills (he is in the overalls).  His team placed #1 in Ribs at Memphis In May in 2011.

MBN Invitational CompetitionI had a little bit of fun.

I’m thrilled with our results.  Going head to head against the best, we were in the top half of Ribs.  We competed in pork shoulder for the first time and actually had a respectable showing, finishing ahead of several great teams.

I’m on about 5 hours of sleep over the past 48 hours.  Exhausted – but I would do it all over again – and will – very soon.

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