Meat Mitch Dry Rubs and Barbecue Sauce: Extraordinarily Awesome!

Hey guys, if you are looking for some great dry rubs and barbecue sauces to try then let me point you in the direction of the “Meat Mitch” product line!

I have two stores that carry Meat Mitch products near me and have been using the heck out of them for a couple months now.  I am a fan!

(By the way, this post is NOT sponsored.  I simply found a great product and wanted to share it with you!)

Meat Mitch Rub and Sauce

Meat Mitch is a brand that sprung from the competition barbecue team lead my Mitch Benjamin.  Meat Mitch products have won multiple awards at the American Royal, the NBBQA, and Memphis in May.

Meat Mitch products win so much because they are delicious!

A few of my favorite cooks with the Meat Mitch products are shown below.

Country Style Pork Ribs

I used the Meat Mitch “Rub”, which is a sweet rub great for pork, on some country style ribs and, after hitting them with some smoke, sauced them with Whomp! bbq sauce.  They were the best country style ribs that I have ever smoked.

Country Style Ribs with Sauce

Full Recipe (Smoked Country Style Pork Ribs on a Z Grills Pellet Grill)

Chuck Roast and Flank Steak

For another cook I broke out the Meat Mitch Steer Season which is an amazing dry rub for beef.

Meat Mitch Steer Season

I used the Steer Season on a chuck roast and it developed wonderful color and flavor after a few hours on the pit.

I mean, just look at that beef….that’s some great eats all day long!

Chuck Roast Smoked at 275F

Full Recipe for Smoked Chuck Roast.

I was so excited with how the smoked chuck roast turned out that I started putting Meat Mitch Steer Season on every piece of beef that went on my smoker.

It turns out that Steer Season is equally amazing for smoked flank steak 🙂

Smoked Flank Sliced and Served

Where to Find Meat Mitch Products

If you want competition quality rubs and sauces then you need to be using Meat Mitch products!

I can buy these at Academy Sports and Rouse’s Market.

The Meat Mitch website has a “Find Locally” map that lets you enter your location to see which stores carry the products in your region.

Go ahead, click the Find Local link and go get you some of these great rubs and sauces.

Remember, Meat Mitch wins because the products are awesome!