Review: Thermapen

This is quite simply the best meat thermometer on the market.  There is no contest, no comparison, no challengers in the same ballpark as the ThermoWorks Thermapen.  I’m not kidding.  It’s faster and more accurate than any thermometer available.

When you open up the Thermapen, it automatically turns on and starts reading a temperature.  You know what’s amazing about that?  It detects the temperature in your house as accurately as the one we have in our house.  When you push it into the meat, the temperature instantly reads and changes as you move it around.

Some of the best meat I’ve cooked has been in the 7 months since my fantastically wonderful wife bought this for me.  Think about how important temperature is for beef tenderloin, for instance.  That’s an expensive cut of meat and you can’t overcook it or it’s destroyed.  Stick the Thermapen in the end and it reads 160.  Stick it in the middle and it says 140.  Perfect.  I know the middle is medium and the ends are medium well, just how I want it.

ThermaPen Temperature Reading

It’s instant, accurate, easy to use and reliable.  The battery life is 1,500 hours.  It’s lightweight and small – fits in any pocket.  It’s magnificent in every way a thermometer can be.  Goodness grief, why haven’t you bought one yet?  What else do I have to say to convince you to buy one right now?  Oh, I know – it’s reasonably priced.

I promise you this:  If you go buy a $30 thermometer at a store, you will be extremely disappointed very soon.  If you spend just a few dollars more on the Thermapen, I guarantee you will be extremely happy, and it will last 2 or 3 times as long as the $30 one…so…isn’t that about the same price anyway?

Go big or stay home.  Buy the Thermapen and be happy.

I’m happy.

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  1. I agree it’s a must have. $90-$100 is shocking at first but that all goes away after you’ve used it a couple times. You can check five pieces of meat in 30 seconds. Patti knows who to email for Christmas gift ideas.

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