Sous Vide Wagyu Ribeye Steak With Potatoes: Meat Nirvana

Last night I cooked the most amazing steak I have ever eaten and the recipe was incredibly simple.  I am talking about a Wagyu ribeye steak with potatoes that was so spectacular it stunned my wife and kids.

I have cooked plenty of steaks for my family over the years but they all agreed that none of them even came close to this beauty.

Beautiful Wagyu Ribeye Steak

Let me show you how I cooked this steak along with the simple trick that made the potatoes something we almost fought over.

How to Cook a Wagyu Ribeye Steak

The process to make this feast was pretty simple but you have to get the basic steps just right. Your key steps are:

  • Find a Steak
  • Prepare the Steak
  • Cook the Steak
  • Cook the Potatoes

Let’s look at each step in more detail.

Make Sure You Buy 100% Wagyu Beef

The first step in cooking a Wagyu steak is actually finding one and that is trickier than it should be.  There are a lot of producers out there selling “American Wagyu” that is actually a cross between Black Angus and Wagyu.  The meat from these cross animals is okay but is not is the same class as 100% pureblood Wagyu.

I was able to get this 100% pureblood Wagyu steak from the Mason Hill Cattle Company.

Wagyu Ribeye Steak from Mason Hill Cattle

The marbling on the steak was intense and I could tell just by looking at it that it was going to be something special.

Wagyu Ribeye with Amazing Marbling

Prepare the Steak for Cooking

Trim off the fat deposits on the top and sides of the steak.  Do NOT throw the trimmed fat away as it is a critically important part of this recipe.

Season the steak on both sides with salt and pepper.  You want to use about a teaspoon of each per side.  Do not use any fancy beef rubs/steak rubs or Montreal steak seasoning.  This beef is amazing on its own and you do not want to cover it up.

Place the steak in a food grade plastic bag and use a Foodsaver to vacuum seal.

Vacuum Sealed with Salt and Pepper

Cook the Steak Sous Vide

This was such a beautiful steak that I was not going to risk any chance of overcooking.  You can grill a steak like this if you choose but I love the perfection of sous vide.  This technique is perfect for all types of steak including:

  1. Tri Tip
  2. Picanha
  3. Flank
  4. London Broil

I used an Anova immersion circulator to maintain a water bath at a temperature of 130F.

Cook Sous Vide at 130F

Place the bagged steak into the water bath and let the steak cook for two hours.

When the steak comes out of the water bath it is going to be fully cooked but will look dull and grey.  We are going to fix that by searing it in a cast iron skillet to create an amazing crust.

When the steak has  15-20 minutes left to cook in the water bath it is time to get your cast iron skillet ready for the sear.

Place the fat you trimmed from the steak into a cast iron skillet and heat over Medium/Low heat to slowly render out the fat.  Stir the pieces around every few minutes and try to get as much fat to render as possible.

Render the Fat from the Beef Trimmings

When the steak has cooked for two hours remove it from the bag and pat dry with paper towels.

Turn the heat on the cast iron skillet to High.

As soon as the rendered Wagyu fat begins to smoke add the steak to the skillet. Sear for 90 seconds one one side, flip, and sear for 30 seconds on the other side.

Sear the Steak in its Own Fat

Remove the steak from the skillet and place on a plate to rest while you prepare the potatoes.

Cook the Potatoes

We have to jump back in time for the potatoes to when the steak was still cooking sous vide in the water bath.

When the steak has been in the water bath for an hour take about a pound and a half of baby Yukon Gold potatoes and, in a different pot, cover with water and bring to a boil.

Season the water with a tablespoon of salt.  Reduce the heat to a simmer and let the potatoes cook until tender, about 20 minutes.

Drain the potatoes and wait for the steak to get seared.

Okay…now that the steak has been seared you are going to have a skillet that has a bunch of delicious Wagyu fat.

Crank the heat up to High and put the boiled potatoes into the skillet.

Yukon Gold Potatoes in Wagyu Fat

Use a spatula to smash each potato into a disk.

Let the potatoes sear for two minutes while they soak up all of the remaining Wagyu fat.  Use a fork to flip each potato over and sear for another two minutes.

Seared Smashed Potatoes

Serve the Steak

Once the potatoes were seared they were served with the Wagyu ribeye that had been thinly sliced.

Just look at that top slice of steak!  You can still see the rich marbling running all through the meat.

Wagyu Steak with Potatoes Recipe

The steak was beyond tender and the best phrase to describe the flavor is luscious.

We stood around the plate and alternated bites between this incredible steak that had been cooked to perfection and the creamy potatoes that had soaked up every last drop of the fatty goodness from this glorious cut of beef.

At times we would pause, nod at each other and grunt.

There might be a better way to cook and serve this steak but I can’t imagine what that could possibly be.

If you want to celebrate a special event then head over to Mason Hill Cattle and get the most incredible steak you will ever try.

Wagyu Steak with Potatoes Recipe

Sous Vide Wagyu Ribeye Steak With Potatoes

A beautiful Wagyu ribeye steak is lightly seasoned with salt and pepper then gently cooked Sous Vide. The steak is seared in its own fat and served with creamy Yukon Gold potatoes.
Prep Time 15 minutes
Cook Time 2 hours 10 minutes
Total Time 2 hours 25 minutes
Course Main Course
Cuisine American
Calories 450 kcal


  • 1 lb Wagyu ribeye steak
  • 2 tsp salt
  • 2 tsp black pepper
  • 1.5 lbs baby Yukon Gold potatoes
  • 1 tablespoon Seasoned Salt Morton's or Lawry's


  • Trim the Wagyu steak of excess fat around the edges and RESERVE.
  • Season the steak lightly with salt and pepper on both sides.
  • Seal the steak in a vacuum seal bag.
  • Use an immersion water heater to heat a pot of water to 130F.
  • Immerse the bagged steak into the Sous Vide water bath and simmer for two hours.
  • While the steak is cooking in the Sous Vide water batch place the potatoes into a different pan.
  • Cover the potatoes with water and add the Seasoned Salt.
  • Bring the potatoes to a boil then reduce to a simmer for 15-20 minutes until tender.
  • Drain the potatoes and reserve.
  • Place the fat trimmings into a cast iron skillet and heat over Medium heat, stirring often, to render the fat.
  • After two hours remove the Wagyu ribeye from the Sous Vide bag and pat dry with paper towels.
  • Heat the cast iron skillet to High until the melted fat begins to smoke.
  • Add the steak to the skillet and sear for 90 seconds.
  • Flip the steak and sear for 30 seconds.
  • Remove the steak from the skillet and allow to rest.
  • Place the boiled potatoes into the skillet with the Wagyu fat.
  • Use a spatula to smash each potato into a disk.
  • Sear the potatoes for two minutes per side.
  • Slice the Wagyu ribeye thinly and serve with the seared potatoes.


Make sure you are cooking a steak from a 100% full-blooded Wagyu cow. There is a lot of beef that is marketed as "American Wagyu" that is a 50:50 cross with Black Angus.
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