A BBQ Salute To Extraordinary People

Memorial Day 1Let me be very clear – there is nothing more important on Memorial Day Weekend than paying respects to the military men and women we have lost. They are the reason many of us have Monday off from work. They are the reason we are able to get together with family and friends. Heck, they are the reason we live in this amazing country with the freedoms we all have.

I’ll be spending a good portion of Sunday at the Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery with the Cub Scouts, placing flags on the graves of our military who have died and their families. To those of you reading this who are veterans yourself – all I can say is thank you. Thank you for your service to our country.

Now, when those ceremonies are over, I’ll be on the radio with the Budweiser Big BBQ Show, interviewing the multiple award winning, Mark Lambert of Sweet Swine O’ Mine, most recently the 2nd place victor in pork shoulder at Memphis in May. THEN…I’ll be hitting the grill.

Here’s what I would suggest to you this Memorial Day Weekend – change it up just a little. Just a little tiny bit.

Make some homemade Burger Rub – even if you’re just doing frozen patties. Or try a different kind of Burger using my Ultimate Burger Guide. Smoke your Brats, rather than just grill them. Grill up some Memphis Sausage & Cheese for an appetizer. Brine your chicken breasts. Sear a Flank Steak with a Mexican Flair or as a topping for easy and tasty Bruschetta or Salad. Try a different kind of sauce for those Chicken Wings – either a homemade Buffalo Sauce, Carribbean or the ever popular Honey Bourbon BBQ Sauce.

Little changes, little twists, little extras. Have FUN at your grill and at your parties this weekend and thank a Veteran!

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