A Reflection on Food, etc.

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I’ve always loved food.  I mean, look how happy I am in this picture.  Sure, I’m 3.  Sure, I just finished off a bowl of chocolate brownie batter.  You’re missing the point.  The point is that FOOD makes us happy.  In good times and bad, we look to food.  Food brings us together, and we get together for food.

Every celebration involves food.  Birthday parties center around blowing out candles on the CAKE…which we are all waiting to EAT.

Thanksgiving – a beloved American holiday – Food.

When your kid is in the hospital, what do people bring you?  Food.

When your family goes through a loss, a funeral, what is the response from dear friends and family?  Bring food.

And now Christmas…how many hours have been spent talking about, planning, preparing and eating food?

The list goes on and on.  The point is, well, I love food and how it brings us together.  I started thinking about this in relation to why I started this site to begin with.  I started it because I wanted to help people learn more about the preparation of food.  At the heart of that motivation is my desire for people to enjoy food more.  I have heard from so many people over the years about dry meat, tasteless entrees, burned bbq.  Well, I thought maybe if I help increase the odds of success, maybe some of you would enjoy food a little bit more.

Mark Kevin & Jeff

Remember when there was nothing better than a pb & j sandwich?  That’s exactly what my brother Mark, my friend Jeff and I were eating on our back porch in this picture from 1980.  Life was good.

Somewhere along the way, many people complicated the enjoyment of food.  Many became picky.  Or maybe most forget just how good something as simple and tasty as a pb & j sandwich with a friend can be.

Of course, that’s the key part of it right there:  Friends.  Family.  The company you keep.

Food brings people together.  Food is community.  Heck, barbeque was created for mass cooking at wedding celebrations!  Food at its core is meant to be a gathering of friends and family.  Sharing.  Talking.  Quality time.

Mark & Kevin watermelon 2

It can be as simple as enjoying a slice of watermelon with your big brother.  You see, food doesn’t have to always be fancy.  It doesn’t have to be marinated and smoked.

It just needs to be shared with people you love.  Heck, that slice of watermelon is looking pretty tasty right now.  I have a lot of great memories from my childhood with my family involving food.  Unique meals on family vacations, saucy grilled pork steaks prepared by my dad, Christmas cookies, a hot dog at the baseball game, helping my mom make lasagna…and in college years with my brother – basically just chips and beer.  But hey, that’s…sort of food, right?

My brother died in August, 1997.  I still remember the last meal I shared with him.  You’ll never guess – a family barbeque on July 4th – one month before he died.  Yep, the last time I ate with my brother we were eating grilled dogs and burgers.  Poetic, isn’t it?

I miss my big brother.  He was a spirited guy.  He loved food.  All food.  Man, could he eat.

So I guess what I want all of you to take from this, is enjoy time with your family and friends.  Enjoy each moment.  Slow things down, relax, and happily enjoy your next meal together.  Compliment the chef.  Help clean up afterwards, then sit around the table for hours reminiscing, talking, laughing and sharing.

That’s the best part about food.

What I wouldn’t give to eat a pb & j sandwich and a slice of watermelon with my big brother.

Have a very Merry Christmas and a happy food filled Holiday Season.

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