Extraordinary Feedback!

Extraordinary Feedback

I’ve been hearing some great success stories recently from some of our followers and thought I would share.  It gets me pretty pumped up to see people trying the recipes and techniques – and having success!  Here are a few examples:

“Let me start by saying how this all came about.  I’ve known Kevin for awhile now and have had some mighty delicious BBQ.  It has been very enjoyable sitting there sampling his wares.  So last week, feeling completely inspired by this whole blog thing, I went out and bought myself a Weber Performer.  And she IS a beaut!!  My first go at it was the smoked pork steaks.  I followed the recipe on www.extraordinarybbq.com, and I’ll be darned, smoked pork steaks with the most beautiful smoke ring you’d ever hope to see.  (Honestly, that’s all I wanted.  I hoped more than anything that they would have that smoke ring)  The taste?  Beyond my expectations.  Smoky, sweet and juicy.  Not at all like the gray “shoe leather” my dad used to douse in Maull’s. (Sorry Dad).
Truly an amazing and empowering experience for me, becoming the “master griller” at my house.  Each day holds a new experience, a new meat and a new flavor that I had no idea I was capable of.  Can’t wait to fire up “my baby” again.”

Another User:
“I did like you told me…and I noticed one thing – it was so tender, the meat literally fell off the bones and the flavor absorbed totally into the meat! 2 hours in oven, 3 hours in foil, result: super tender chicken. The end result was a tasty chicken (not sure if it was a smoked chicken ;) ) -but my friend says it was the best roast chicken he had in his life!

“Loosely followed this recipe and it was easily the best pork chop I have ever cooked – maybe the best I have eaten. Thanks for the tips!”

See, to paraphrase the movie, Ratatouille, Anyone Can BBQ!  You just need a few tips, a great recipe, and patience.  This is just 3 examples – let’s hear about some more!  Anyone else out there try a recipe they’ve seen on this site?  Please tell me about it!

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