Extraordinary Success!

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In the St. Louis area, the BBQ Bash in Wildwood sponsored by St. Louis Home Fires is the premier BBQ event of the year.  There’s not even a close second.  Eight categories over two days, tens of thousands of visitors, 100 competitive teams…it’s massive and fantastic.

The 2013 BBQ Bash saw SLABS a’ Smokin firmly stamp our names on the BBQ scene.  Out of about 100 competitive teams, we finished 11th overall with THREE top 10 finishes.  I can finally claim my Brisket and brisket rub as award-winning, and Ribs and Pork were our other two top 10 finishes.

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We also sold out of everything we cooked.  We are a force in competition AND a force with vending!

It is impossible to thank all of the people the helped make this event such a success.  I have a wonderful group of family and friends that work their tails off, cook all day after getting 2 hours of sleep, never sit down, give creative cooking ideas and just lend me a tremendous amount of support.  I would put our group up against any out there.

To all of you readers:  Keep cooking.  Keep reading these recipes, tweaking and practicing.  I promise they work.  In my four years of competing, I have a dozen top 10 finishes in various categories.  The proof is in the ribbons and trophies.  If you want to take your BBQ to the next level, trust these recipes and techniques – you’ll get there.

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