Fish Tacos with Black Bean and Mango Salsa

My sister in law  – Karen, the wonderwoman who takes the recipes and ideas that Kevin and I write and somehow magically transforms them into these blog posts, made this recipe.  What’s funny about this is that she tends to stress out when cooking.  And if she makes something that’s really good, and we say, “You should write a post on that!”, she freezes.  Literally, her entire body freezes.  She freaks out.  (Editor’s Note: Freaks out seems a little strong…)

Fish Tacos 2

Karen is also a big time blog follower.  She is always forwarding us recipes from blogs she reads daily for us to try.  I save them all, but haven’t made many of them.  I think she may or may not get annoyed at that.  (Editor’s Note: Yes) But she is constantly trying to help us in every way she can when it comes to the food making portion of the blog.

Fish Tacos 1

For example, last winter she made what appeared to be a delicious soup.  She took really great pictures of it and told us to write a post.  We (Kevin and I) did not.  I think it’s still out there in cyberspace, waiting.  (Editor’s Note: Not so much cyberspace as our drafts folder…at the VERY bottom…poor black bean soup)  We told her that ethically we could not write a post on something we never ate.

So Karen took it upon herself to make these fish Tacos from a Sweets Life Recipe you can find HERE.

She used Mahi Mahi and coated it with Elbees Chili Lime Seasoning, then grilled it over direct heat. (Editor’s Note: I really did this all by myself.  And I probably texted Kevin MAYBE 2 times with questions)  Rest of recipe is as follows on her site!

Fish Tacos 3

So lesson learned:  We recently saw Karen and and she dropped off a bunch of stuff and told us to try these.  Again, Karen SHOULD be writing this because she found this recipe and made it, but the stage fright of writing is too overwhelming.  (Editor’s Note: I really dislike writing)  So now we get to critique her recipe….MUHAHAHAHAHAHA!

These are packed full of flavor and texture.

As much as I would love to give Karen more trouble, I thought these tacos were absolutely amazing! (Editor’s Note: Yahoo!)  I would happily add them to my weekly recipes.  I can’t say I’ve ever been someone who thinks to make extra fish and use it as leftovers, but wow – these were delicious!  We ate it cold, but I’m sure it’s delicious with warm fish as well.  The sauce wasn’t overpowering – it was just complimenting.  And I rarely use cabbage, but loved it in this recipe.

The black bean and mango salsa was delicious -the combinations of textures and flavors bringing out the taste of the fish and the sauce, and make you want to keep eating more.  And if I know Karen (which I think I do) she may or may not have used some of this salsa with some chips as an appetizer…. (Editor’s Note: Maybe……)

Fish Tacos 4

So – the moral of this post – fish tacos with Black Bean and mango Salsa – yummy and delicious.  Thank you Sweet’s Life!  And if you know Karen, or know someone like her, comment below and thank her for making this! She is the underlying support that keeps this blog alive.

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