Happy Father’s – or Important Man in your life – day!

Father's DayI’m a pretty lucky girl to have so many great men in my life.  Father’s Day is a great way to recognize them.

Girls, fire up the grill for them.  If you don’t normally do red meat, surprise them with a steak.  I’d recommend the Ribeye Steak with the Mushroom Cream Sauce. Or maybe try  The Balsamic Flank steak.  You personally can decide to eat a little lighter by using a little of the steak on your Steak Salad.  Or go in a whole different direction with a Lemon Pepper Salmon Steak.  Regardless, I guarantee Extraordinary has SOMETHING for the man in your life.  Thank them with food.  That’s the best way to show them how much you love them

Father’s Day is yet another great Hallmark holiday.  For those whom have an active, loving father, it’s great.  For those who have lost their father, or he is not a part of their lives – it can be tough.  Regardless of the name of the day, maybe honor someone who has been a fatherly figure to you – a coach, a friend, a friend’s dad, an uncle.  The name of the holiday obviously leads us to believe we should only be celebrating father’s, but life isn’t always packaged neatly. I’m lucky enough to have my own father, my father in law, and my husband as father’s in my life.

FB_IMG_1434733191849My dad is a good, Italian man who loves his fishing, golf, and retired life in general.  He spent most of his life working a job he didn’t care for to support his wife and 5 children.  He has volunteered at his church his entire life, and continues to do so.  Each year, he and my mom take the whole family to the lake for a week-long vacation – a tradition that I’ve come to treasure the older I get.  We leave for the lake this weekend – for Father’s Day.  I am so grateful for what he has provided us.


Attachment-1My father in law is an active part of our lives.  Somewhat recently retired, he is making up for any time he missed while working long hours throughout his career.  He enjoys his grandchildren (even when he pretends not to), he loves his family (the ones he gives the most trouble to are the ones he loves best), and he enjoys planning vacations with those he loves.  We just got back from Disney World with he and my mother in law, and it was a great trip.  Not only because Disney World is a wonderful, magical place – even in 110% humidity and some rain – but because we got to spend so much time with these wonderful people.  My cheeks still hurt from laughing so much with them.

facebook_1434733410876Then there’s my husband.  He’s pulled in all different directions, all of the time. This man goes from breakfast making in the wee hours of the morning, to training new employees, to taking care of clients, helping his trainees, completing at least 1 (usually more) errand on his way home, usually grilling for dinner, doing dishes, coaching baseball, heading the entire Cub Scout organization for our boys, playing Princesses with our daughter, planning/executing multiple BBQ competitions, participating/planning a weekly radio show, all while doing it with a smile on his face, usually belting some song at the top of his lungs, and making his entire family happy.  It’s pretty impressive.  In fact, I think it’s fair to say he’s highly unique.

Here’s hoping all of you have a great weekend with great food and plenty of time with family.

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