Backwoods Smokers Review [Chubby, Fatboy, Party]

Backwoods Smoker Review

In 2009, my cousin Tim bought a Backwoods Party.  He absolutely loved it.  A few months later he bought a Backwoods Fatboy.  He loved it even more.  A year after that I bought a Fatboy and fell madly in love.  Then our team bought another Party.  Then we bought two Backwoods Competition Hog cookers on a trailer.  Then three different guys on the team bought a Backwoods Chubby.  Then another team member bought a Backwoods Competitor.

So, if you’re counting, SLABS a’ Smokin currently owns…10 Backwoods cookers.  TEN.

Reasons We Use Backwood Smokers

We spent a lot of time and did a lot of research on different styles of smokers before settling on the Backwoods family. The main reasons we like these cookers so much include”

  • Vertical Design
  • Insulation
  • Temperature Consistency
  • Results

The vertical design.  It makes sense.  Smoke and heat rise, right?  So why would you buy a cooker with a side smoke box?  That goes against logic.  The vertical design allows the smoke to naturally travel up and through the meat.

Insulation.  Ever watch BBQ Pitmasters and see those guys wrapping their smokers in blankets and other insulation pieces when it’s cold and rainy?  Yea, the mere thought exhausts me.

I don’t have to worry about that with Backwoods.  The walls are thick and hold the heat, leaving zero concern for temperature drop.  I’ve competed in 30 degree weather, cooked overnight in the dead of winter, and have seen no difference in the performance from these cooks to the cooks I’ve done in the middle of July.

Fatboy Backwoods Smoker

 Temperature consistency.  With my Fatboy, if I have a full firebox of charcoal and wood, it will sit at 225 for about 8 straight hours without blinking.  No fans, no fancy gadgets.  Just perfect venting and amazing efficiency.  This is critically important to a father of four that wants to play with his kids and not worry about adding coals and messing with vents.

Award Winning.  Since 1987 no line of smokers has won more awards than Backwoods.  Period. Proof is in the pudding, friends.

I love Backwoods Smokers.  They are high quality, made in the U.S.A. and give you everything you want from a smoker.  No matter what model you go with, they all cook the same with great results. I bought mine from The St. Louis BBQ Store, and couldn’t be happier with the service and knowledge Ron Kaup provided me.

Have you used a Backwoods?  Prefer a different type of smoker?  Tell me about it!

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