Sweet Baby Rays Sweet Red Chili Sauce Review

I wanted to grill some wings on the Weber Q1200 last night and try some new flavors. I saw that Sweet Baby Ray’s has a Sweet Red Chili sauce for sale that they said was great for wings and decided to give it a try!

I seasoned up a batch of wings with a new dry rub I am working on (recipe will be posted once fully developed) and put them on the Weber Q1200 that had been preheated on High for 15 minutes.

I let the wings grill with the lid closed and flipped them every five minutes or so.

The weather was perfect, I had some ZZ Top playing in the background and I was sipping on an ice cold Rolling Rock. Combine that with the smell of sizzling wings and I can tell you that I was having a fine afternoon!

Once the wings were just about done and the bubbling skin was starting to crisp up I tossed these guys in the Sweet Red Chili Sauce.

Right off the bat I had mixed feelings about the sauce. You can tell by the Nutrition/Ingredients list that this is another High Fructose Corn Syrup delivery system.

I certainly don’t need any more High Fructose Corn Syrup in my life and the high sugar content means the sauce will scorch is you don’t pay attention.

On the flip side, the sauce is really tasty and the coated wings looked GORGEOUS!

I let the wings finish cooking and threw on some brats that had already been poached in a beer bath. Hey…if you have got the grill fired up you might as well use it!

I tell you, this little Weber Q1200 has a lot more room than you might think!

When the wings were finished I pulled them off the grill and was pleased with how they looked. The big question though was, how did they taste?

The sauce was definitely tasty and was a nice change from the intense Buffalo style grilled wings that I usually make. The wings were sticky sweet with just the mildness of heat coming through.

The big test for me though was how everyone else liked the wings. My daughter, who is NOT a fan of hot sauce, really enjoyed these wings.

That being said, I served these wings along with the Beer Brats and a stuffed pasta dish and, judging by the leftovers, the wings were the least popular item on the menu.

Final Verdict: The Sweet Baby Ray’s Sweet Red Chili Sauce is okay but not great. It did not bring many flavors to the party other than sweetness. I will absolutely use the rest of the sauce in this bottle but am not sure that I would buy it again.