Extraordinary Publicity!

53dfbdf153e7e.preview-620I’m a couple weeks late sharing this, but it’s certainly exciting enough that I should have shared it the day it was published:  My wife and I were featured in the St. Louis Post Dispatch! Yes in the food section – where else would we be featured??

It was a fun experience for both of us and put a spotlight on Extraordinary BBQ.  I’m proud of what Patti and I and my sister, Karen, have built with this blog, so it was neat to get some attention. It’s also always a good thing when we get the chance to talk about food.

We had to pick out a unique recipe to feature, so we chose BBQ Pizza. It’s simple and delicious – and the Post-Dispatch writer seemed to enjoy it immensely. You can actually find the complete recipe within the article itself – it’s one we haven’t posted yet! BBQ Chicken Pizza.  It uses smoked chicken, our homemade bbq sauce, fresh pizza dough, and a few other necessary ingredients.  Outstanding.

Without further ado – HERE is the link to the article.  Enjoy reading, share with your friends – and tell people to check out the blog! Sign up for the newsletter! Click around the site and enjoy the plethora of great recipes Patti and I have shared!

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