Make your Mom EXTRAORDINARILY happy this weekend!

Mothers DayEveryone loves food.  Not as many people love to cook it.  I’m guessing that if you celebrate Mother’s Day, one of the most common gifts to give Mom is a break from the kitchen.  Sometimes this comes in the form of going out to breakfast. Maybe it means sandwiches.  If you’re cruel, then it means digging up something that she made previously and using that as a Mother’s Day Meal.  Don’t do that. Don’t be THAT person.  Amaze your Mom because she’s so amazing.

I would start off with something quick and easy so your guests have something to munch on while you cook the main entrée.  How about some Cajun shrimp?  Or the ever popular Memphis Sausage and Cheese?

While everyone is enjoying your appetizers, you can start cooking the main course.  First suggestion – Chicken.  Everyone loves chicken.  It’s easy, it’s healthy and it can be absolutely amazing.  If you’re new at grilling, maybe start off with some chicken breasts.  If you want to be a little more elegant, graduate to the stuffed chicken breasts.  Maybe you want to try a turkey instead?  Do it!  You’ll have everyone in the lunch room jealous of your sandwiches all week long.

Poultry not her thing?  Branch out into brisket.  Or EVERYONE’s favorite – ribs.  Pork Chops are always yummy as well. And who doesn’t love shish kakobs?

Please don’t forget the sides.  Of course, you could just do chips, but maybe make them a little more enticing by having some roast red pepper dip to dip the chip in.  Or if you want to really impress, do some easy grilled vegetables.

If none of the above strike your fancy, peruse our recipes – I guarantee something will jump out to you and scream, “That’s it! That’s what my mom will love!” Even if it’s as simple as a new marinade you haven’t tried yet! I know that I am continually amazed and impressed by the creations my husband comes up with, and many of his ideas are right there – just a click away.

Oh, and don’t forget to get her a card.  Moms like that.

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